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School Profile


At Lincoln Elementary we are student centered and driven by high expectations where:  


  • Actively engage in the classroom by participating in discussions, completing work, and holding themselves accountable for their growth in mastering the Tennessee Standards.
  • Make a minimum of one year’s academic growth annually once enrolled.
  • Invest in and take pride in their school, their work, and themselves.
  • Demonstrate a growing understanding of our school-wide expectations (respectful, responsible, trustworthy, and safe).
  • Develop skills to persevere by choosing a growth-mindset, setting goals, and taking ownership of their learning.

Faculty and Staff:

  • Exhibit a sense of pride and excitement about their jobs by maintaining positive relationships throughout our school and with stakeholders.
  • Follow the KCS curriculum, instructional expectations, and use high leverage instructional strategies that promote growth for all students.
  • Prioritize  instruction by remaining focused on planning for what students should know and be able to do.
  • Consistently collaborate vertically and horizontally with purpose and a plan for action in order to uphold high academic standards.
  • Continue to implement school-wide behavioral expectations to promote a positive school climate.
  • Feel safe and valued by administration and ASC because they are supported through policy and protocol.


  • Ensures a welcoming, safe and clean learning environment.
  • Incorporates a school-wide behavior management system that hold students to high expectations.
  • Structures student incentive and consequences  to uphold the school-wide behavior expectations.
  • Protects teacher planning time to allow preparation for high quality instruction.
  • Promotes collaboration between colleagues school and district wide.

Parents and Community:

  • Participate in school events in order to create shared lifelong memories.
  • Invest in their child/children education to support academic success.
  • Promote a positive reputation within the community.
  • Motivate and encourage their child/children to be the best he/she can be.